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    Ručni MACH3 CNC USB kontroler za 4 ose

    Ručni CNC MACH3 USB kontroler za do 4 ose.
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    €60,00 sa PDV-om
    i h
    Industrial MachCNC engraving machine controller was designed for Mach system 
    Do not need to install any software and driver, Spring can be stretched to 3 meters
    Waterproof design, very durable, anti-dirt, oil spray 
    Power by USB port
    Dimensions: 22 x 8 x 3cm
    Please note this item works with Mach 3 ONLY
    The usb self-check light, you can type the " scroll" on the keyboard to activate it.
    The X,Y,Z ,A buttons need setup the "HOTKEY" in the MACH3, the other buttons can work directly.
    Directional motion control: X+,X-,Y+,Y-,Z+,Z-,A+,A-
    Feed rate control: F+,F-
    Jog rate: J+,J-
    Spindle speed: speed up, slow down
    Programming: E-stop,cycle start,spindle on/off,Redo,single step,original point
    Package Include
    1 * Remote controller
    1 * Cable
    1 * USB adapter
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