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    AC servo motor sa drajverom - 1.5KW 220v 5Nm 3000rpm

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    G2 series servo drive, is the general industry market design for the general purpose of the AC servo drive, high speed, high precision, high response, the structure is more optimized. Support standard MODBUS protocol, CANOPEN bus and M2, M3 bus, built-in simple PLC function. To achieve the reliability of the design of the national standard 4, a wider power range, the current range of power: 0.4kW~1.5kW.
    G2 series servo driver support dual axis output, compact structure, is an environmental protection and energy saving servo drive, output power of 0.4 kW ~ 1.5 kW, stable and reliable product economy.

    Technical index
    Power range: 50W ~ 2.0kW
    Input voltage: single phase or three phase 220VAC (-15~+10%), 50~60HZ
    Control mode: position control, speed control, torque control
    Encoder type: 2500 linear incremental photoelectric encoder
    Communication mode: RS485, RS232, CANopen, standard MODBUS communication protocol
    Input and output points: IO can be programmed to support the positive and negative logic settings, 8 input supports 16 kinds of functions can be carried out every function of the function of positioning, 4 output support for 10 kinds of functions which can be carried out in 1 ways
    Operation and display: 5 digital tube, 5 keys
    Monitoring function: to provide position, speed, current, voltage, input and output, and so on up to 30 kinds of state monitoring
    Product advantage
    1 compact size, compact structure, greatly saving installation space
    2 using a new digital signal processor (DSP) and intelligent power module (IPM), advanced control algorithm, to achieve high precision control of permanent magnet synchronous motor
    3 intelligent PID control algorithm and PDFF controller combined to improve the position and speed control of the rapidity and accuracy
    4 to support the encoder signal arbitrary frequency ratio setting, more accurate
    5 to support the load disturbance observer, the torque feedforward compensation can be carried out to improve the dynamic response of the system.
    6 inertia identification and automatic gain function simplify the debugging process of the system.
    7 debugging software support, can carry on mechanical characteristic analysis, parameter setting, monitoring and other functions, the operation is simple and intuitive
    8 new concept design, beautiful atmosphere

    Specifikacija proizvoda
    Snaga (KW) 1.5kW