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    Kontroler step motora sa potenciometrom 2

    Kontroler step motora sa potenciometrom, generator signala.
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    1.440 RSD sa PDV-om
    i h

    1, this module is a pulse generation module, supply the control signal to stepper driver.
    To control the stepper motor, it must be equipped with a drive.
    2, this simple controller + stepper motor + stepper motor + DC power supply can be composed of a simple set of control platform.
    3, the controller has high 5.4k-160khz, middle 540-16.6khz, low 80-2.4khz total of 3 kinds of low frequency signal can be used to select the jumper.
    4, can produce pulse signal, can also produce PWM signal, can choose the jumper.
    5, the frequency of measurement: PUL and common cathode end.

    Different stepper driver may mark different name
    EN=ENA=FREE Enable
    PUL=PULS=CLK Pulse
    DIR=CW=CWW Direction
    Common anode Connection method (B)

    EN+ PUL+ DIR+ connect together to com+.
    EN- connect EN
    PUL- connect CLK
    DIR- connect DIR

    Common cathode Connection method (B)
    EN- PUL- DIR- connect together to com-.
    EN+ connect EN
    PUL+ connect CLK
    DIR+ connect DIR

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