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    Step Motor Drajver za NEMA 42

    Step Motor Drajver za NEMA 42 i NEMA 34, do 8.3A
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    €170,00 sa PDV-om
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    This is subdivided and high-performance stepper motor drive using constant angle and constant torque, which is designed for 130 and 110 and other 8A following two-phase, four-phase hybrid stepping motor. The driver uses the circuit which is Similar to the principle of servo control with the features of smooth running, low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise of the motor. It has 16 kinds of micro-step, and the micro-step can be set from full step to 51200steps/rev. The working current can be set from 2.0A to 8.3A, and the output current has 16 stalls, the current resolution is about 0.5A; with automatic semi-flow, self-test, overvoltage, under-voltage and over-current protection. This driver is AC power, Voltage  does not exceed 240VAC not less than 120VAC.



    High-performance,low price
    Automatic idle-current reduction
    Optical isolating signal I/O
    Max response frequency up to 200 Kpps
    Low temperature rise, smooth motion
    Online adaptive PID technology

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    Step Motor NEMA 34 86x155, 6.0A, 13.0Nm
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