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    Kontroler sa ekranom za DC motor bez četkica BL4810K

    Kontroler je pogodan za upravljanje bilo kojim trofaznim nisko naponskim motorom bez četkica sa ili bez Hall senzora sa maksimalnom strujom do 10A i naponom od 18-50VDC.
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    €100,00 sa PDV-om
    i h

    Main features

    ◆ The speed can be displayed, and the governor parameters can also be set;

    ◆ Double closed loop design of current and speed, large torque at low speed, stable operation;

    ◆ High torque and high speed output, maximum speed can reach 9999rpm/min;

    ◆ Speed ​​regulation mode: 0-5V analog quantity and 90~110Hz PWM speed regulation;

    ◆ There are EN (enable), DIR (direction), X1 (brake) and other signal input terminals;

    ◆ It can output speed measurement pulse FG (photoelectric isolation, gate output), ALM alarm output;

    ◆ With protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, and motor blocking;

    ◆ With and without Hall compatibility.


    1. Enabling the speed governor: press the switch on the panel, the four-digit digital tube of the speed governor will light up, and the current digital tube will display the speed, ranging from 0 to 9999 revolutions per minute. When the brushless motor connected to the governor is rotating, the real-time speed of the motor is displayed on the panel.

    Deactivation of the speed governor: in the active state, turn off the switch, the digital tubes are all extinguished, and the governor is deactivated; it can also be used to stop the motor when the motor is running .

    2 2. Speed ​​regulation: Rotate the speed regulation potentiometer to realize motor speed regulation. The clockwise speed increases and the counterclockwise speed decreases.

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