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    Frekventni regulator EKVR - 7.5kw 380v

    Inverter EKVR opšte namene koji podržava V/F i vektorski SV način kontrole , sa frekventnim opsegom od 0-600Hz. Ulaz trofazni 380V, Izlaz trofazni 3x380V 17A/25A.
    Stanje: Nema na stanju
    €300,00 sa PDV-om
    i h

    Input and output

    Input voltage range: 380 / 220V ± 15%

    Input frequency range: 40 ~ 60Hz

    Output voltage range: 0 ~ rated input voltage

    Output frequency range: 0 ~ 600Hz ( 0-2000HZ for V1.15 software version)

    Peripheral interface

    Programmable digital input: 4-WAY input(8-Way for the digital port inputof F103 version )

    Programmable analog quantity: FV: 0~10V input, FI: 0〜20mA input.

    Open collector output: 1-WAYoutput

    Relay output: 1-WAY output

    AO(analog output) FO : 1-WAY output: 0〜10V output

    Technical performance

    Control mode:SVC, V/F control

    Over-load ability: 150% of rated current 60s; 180% of rated current 10s

    Starting torque: SVC: 0.5Hz / 150% (SVC)

    Speed-regulating ratio: SVC: 1: 100

    User Manual

    Speed control precision: SVC: ± 0.5% maximum speed

    Carrier frequency: 1.0K ~ 15.0KHZ

    Functional characteristic

    Frequency set mode:digital set, analog quantity set, serial communications set,

    SPD, PID set

    PID control function

    SPD control function: eight-stage speed(16-stage speed for the F103 version)

    Swing frequency control function

    Non-stop function for momentary interruption

    Restarting function of rotational speed tracking: realizing the non-impact of

    smooth start-up of the motor in rotation

    Automatic voltage regulation function: when the network voltage changes, it can

    maintain the constant output voltage automatically

    Providing multi-fault protection function: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage,

    overtemperature, phase loss, output short-circuit, overload, etc.

    Operating environment

    Operating ambient temperature :-15℃to + 50℃

    Operating humidity: 90% RH or less (no condensation)

    Altitude 1000 meters or less above sea level. Over 1000 meters, every 100 meters

    decreases 3%; Over 2000 meters every 100 meters decreases 5%.

    Other non-corrosive, flammable gases, no conductive dust